Yellow Cupcakes with Chocolate Chai Frosting

I love chai.  I don’t drink coffee, so my drink of choice is usually a hot chai.  I also love chocolate. However, I had not thought about combining the two until I took a tour of the Theo Chocolate factory when I was on vacation in Seattle a few weeks ago.  Yes, I got to take a tour of an actual chocolate factory! No, it was nothing like Willy Wonka, but we did get to eat A LOT of samples. Highly recommended.  Did you know chocolate is made from fermented, roasted, and ground seeds of a tree called the theobroma cacao (aka the chocolate tree)? Very similar to the process of making coffee beans. So interesting. And no, Theo is not sponsoring me to write this (I wish!). I just think they’re a cool company doing good things aside from making great chocolate. Now, back to these cupcakes.  After having the chocolate chai bar at Theo, I knew immediately I needed to put it on a cupcake.  When I think of chocolate icing for a cupcake, I automatically think yellow cake because yellow cake plus chocolate icing is the best.  Bold statement, I know.  Make these cupcakes with the chocolate chai icing and you won’t be sorry.  And then put the chocolate chai icing on as many desserts as possible.


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