Creamy Leek Pasta

IMG_1956Leeks are an underrated vegetable. There, I said it. They are so yummy and not used enough. Whenever I’m in the leeky mood, this is my go-to leek recipe. It’s creamy, cheesy, and most importantly so incredibly leeky! Throw in come chicken and my favorite carb (pasta) and you have a great Friday night dinner.

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Roasted Sea Salt Pumpkin Seeds


While most of you are enjoying the wondesr of fall, those of us here in Los Angeles are stuck in an emotional rollercoaster of a heat wave. With a temperature range of balmy 85 degrees to “dear god I’m melting,” it’s a little hard to get into the fall spirit. Seriously, a Pumpkin Spiced Latte is not meant to be iced, its just depressing. But sometimes you just gotta suck up the 95 degree weather and carve some freaking pumpkins and roast those delicious seeds.

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Spaghetti Pie


Around this time every year my company fundraises, usually with a bake sale or pot luck, for AIDS Walk Los Angeles. The walk takes place right in my neighborhood and raises millions of dollars every year to support AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA). This is the 30th year that AIDS Walk has taken place in L. A. and I’ve been fortunate to participate the last five years. It’s incredibly fun (although waking up super early on a Sunday can be tough if you were out late drinking many of Sharde’s apple ginger cocktail the night before), and it always feels great to give back!

So where does spaghetti pie come in? It’s been the most requested dish for the last five years at our fundraising potlucks! It’s so easy, super affordable and must I mention yummy? And what’s more fun than food shaped like pie?!


If you’re interested in donating to AIDS Walk or learning more visit

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Killer Strata

Do you want to prove to your friends that you can do brunch better? Are you ready for them to bow down at your culinary feet? This strata is the breakfast dish to end all breakfast dishes. Lots of cheese, bacon and bread baked in creamy eggs. Yeah. Eat up suckers (your friends are the suckers here, not you. You made this masterpiece.). My mom introduced me to this delicious strata one fateful winter morning, and it has been a special family treat ever since. Now I’m sharing it with all of you because I’m just that generous.


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Eggplant Parmesan

It’s Meatless Monday folks!

This is my first time cooking with eggplant. It was surprisingly easy and super delicious, who knew right? In fact, this was my first time even eating eggplant, and lightly battered and covered in sauce and cheese is the right way to eat just about anything for the first time. Every time I see an eggplant recipe, I’m always reminded of the “Friends” episode where Monica accidentally accepts a kickback of steaks and an eggplant and then gets fired. It gave me a strange aversion to my new purple friend. This recipe is fairly easy, and if you’re cooking for yourself or only a few people, it freezes quite well. After this, I’m totally on the eggplant band wagon (wait, it that a thing?).


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Flourless Chocolate Cake

This cake has been my favorite dessert and my baking specialty for the last fifteen years. Yep, you read that correctly. Fifteen years. Ever since it appeared as the “Dish of the Year” in Bon Appetit’s January 1999 issue, I’ve been hooked. This is not really a cake you can just whip up any time you feel like it (I mean, you can…but its a lot of work). It is totally worth the effort though. Seriously worth the effort.


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